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Birth Name: Tyshane O'Ral Scarlette-Bailey

Born: October 1st, 1996 (age 19)

Scarborough, Ontario, CAN

Years Active: 2015-present

Genre: Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, Soul, Dancehall/Reggae



Tyshane O'Ral Scarlette-Bailey (born October 1st, 1996), known professionally as Artist KiNG

Dreama T also known as "KiNG D.T" or "K.D.T." Soon after realizing the potential he had for

creating and composing music started a label for himself. He named it after his first name

"Tyshane", "A Talented Royal Gift from God" OMT(Of Many Talents) Then became

OMTRECORDENT ( Of Many Talents Record Entertainment)

on April 8th, 2016 The Label released their first hit single available for download and streaming

through the Google Music Play Store, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Itunes Store, Titled "416"

Also available on Souncloud along with another great single is "Everything " published for

Malvern spot as a single, included in the S.P.O.T Light Summer Finale EP.

"416" is an R&B, Rap song about KiNG's interest in making a girl his own from the moment he

first laid eyes on her during a movie set. After spending one night with her at a huge house party

he planned to grab her attention with a song about the magic city which he's from "Toronto",

also known as "T-DOT" or "416". Although She is shy, deep down she is very much interested in

him as well but is so busy with her life it's hard to focus on a love life of her own.

There are many artist and poets that inspire KiNG but his favorite artist when it comes to the

Hip-Hop culture, Wiz Khalifa. He thrives on being different as far as melodies and is always

vogue in anything he does from His craft to apperal down to the choice of words he uses in his

interviews. The voice off Jamaica's Sizzla is one of the first for KiNG to adapt to at a young age.

Continuously portraying a conscious and uplifting message is the way of Sizzla's music. With a

rasp to his voice he is flexible with how he uses it to sing throughout the many stylish catalog of

songs he has acquired for himself. Playing a large role in KiNG's music Jimmy Hendrix is

definitely amongst the top 3 in his Books. In each of Hendrix's songs he digs deep into the art

picking it apart and reassembling it back with all fibers of his love for the Art. "There is a energy

every time Jimmy plays his guitar or gives a line of vocals. It's more like the music is playing him

and he's along for the ride not in anyway resisting", says KiNG. Other artist such as Brett

Young, Mali Music, jhene Aiko, and Big Sean also have an impact on KiNG's judgment,

reaction, and content for current International Performers.

Most of the music published by KiNG is geared towards his Dreams. The dream to become an

Icon for all participating genres mainly focusing on the arts of hip-hop, R&B, Soul, and dance

hall/reggae. In more than half of KiNG's lyrics he writes of his views on the aspect that people

on earth should live life as a unit and have less separation and segregation between them as

stated in one of his earlier songs "Trouble Child". Where he writes, " We all have got to survive,

revive, combine, because together we strive".

On the other hand there is of course the fun side to K.D.T. that expresses enjoying life to the

fullest. Everything that goes and comes with being blessed enough to have life, especially as a

hit star; the fans, parties, and don't forget the women, as well as activities like hanging out near

bodies of water. Whether it be the beach, ocean or even a pool it's always a good time. Space

also is mentioned in a lot of his songs including references to being "high" and sometimes

indirect phrases for instance the "milky way", "galaxy", or "space". Overall KiNG Dreama T is an

amazing artist who absolutely loves what he does and fuels nothing else except positivity and

hope for the culture of music and anyone willing to pick up that pen and paper.

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