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SMZ is a largely self-produced experimental hip-hop artist from Scarborough, Ontario. He creates music that blends production techniques from various electronic music and hip-hop genres. He often combines high-energy tracks with stripped down a capellas and atmospheric journeys into spoken word. His work delves into the nature of the mind and its role in self-determination.

SMZ has been writing and producing music since 2007 and has been performing throughout the city of Toronto since 2014, while also exploring his expression through videography – and most recently, acting. He shares his musical journey as 1/2 of The Universal Architects with Oliver Jackson, and has a wide range of influences, including: Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Tech N9ne, Massive Attack, Die Antwoord, Lorn, Portishead, Death Grips, M.I.A., The Roots, and Nina Simone. Through these various realms of expression, SMZ aims to engage our collective shared reality and continue to illuminate it for others.
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